Lecaroz among featured artists in Art Elaan’s virtual exhibit, “Open: Openness”

Excerpt from the introductory essay by Cid Reyes:

“Among the most positive words in the English language is ‘Open.’ It is both a noun, a verb, and an adjective. More significantly, the word connotes attitude and the willingness to take the road less travelled, to admire a view from the other side, or recognize potentialities never before considered.

“The spirit of open-ness harkens back to prehistoric times with the cave paintings, down through the Renaissance artists’ use of linear perspective to give the illusion of depth on a flat surface, and onto Cubism’s history-changing multiple perspectives, and Pop’s elevation of despised commonplace images into High Art.

“In contemporary art, the process of opening-up to other dimensions is on-going, with contemporary artists revelling in art’s constant flux, embracing unpredictability and absorbing radical influences.

The virtual gallery entrance

“But opening an art gallery in the midst of a pandemic? Why not? Art itself is a kind of virus – “invisible, omnipotent, catching” – but with a crucial difference: Art is spiritually nourishing, psychically nurturing, a veritable life-force.

“The latest gallery opening in town, ART ELAAN appropriately celebrates the spirit of receptiveness with its inaugural show titled “Open: Openness.” Starting with an open theme, the show transcends any limitation in subject matter, without discriminating any style, approach, or direction.

“Participating artists are: Rishab Tibon, Ricky Ambagan, Celeste Lecaroz, Fitz Herrera, Erwin Mallari Orley Ypon, Francisca Juarez, Meneline Wong, Otto Neri, Demi Padua, Herwin Buccat, Toti Cerda, Lydia Velasco, Cezar Arro, Anton del Castillo, Ronnie Lim, Rico Lascano, Norlie Meimban, Christian Tamondong, Ferdinand Cacnio. And Justin Nuyda.”

Access the Open: Openness virtual exhibit by clicking here. Exhibit runs up to July 19, 2020 only.

Instructions for navigating the virtual gallery on smartphones:

  1. To navigate/move through the exhibit hall, press and keep your finger on any of the four arrows.
  2. To view a close up of a particular art work, click on the art work itself.
  3. You can view succeeding art works up close by tapping on either the left or right arrows.
  4. You may also click on the upper right corner menu button to access the virtual gallery tour and exhibit details.