Lecaroz joins Critic’s Choice group exhibit at Galerya Amalia

Celeste Lecaroz participates in the group exhibition, “Critic’s Choice,” which opens on April 30, 2022 at the Galerya Amalia, LRI Design Plaza, Nicanor Garcia St., Makati City.

“A critic’s judgment is always a one-man’s opinion, and anyone who dispenses a point of view must never expect – and will never get -unanimous approval from his audience. Indeed, critics, among themselves, often disagree with each other,” writes author, art critic and painter, Cid Reyes.

“In drawing up my selection of artists for the show, suffice it to say that I have found, in each of them, a certain quality, a particular technique, or an enticing, even unsettling, approach and attitude towards a theme or subject.

“As a critic, I have always veered towards the positive, the constructive, the supportive and the fair – believing that, in every artwork, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

“That is my choice.”

The exhibit runs until June 15, 2022.