Lecaroz releases Kobe Bryant Spontanrealismus painting to public domain

Visual artist Celeste Lecaroz has released to the public domain her “Mamba Forever!” painting of the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. She made the announcement on her Facebook page on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.  “Permission is hereby granted for the public to reproduce the image in any form on the sole condition that the painter, Celeste Lecaroz, will be given proper attribution,” the announcement said. Lecaroz made the painting on Monday, January 27, 2019, as a tribute to Bryant, whose untimely demise shocked basketball fans worldwide. She said Bryant’s Mamba Mentality inspires her to pursue excellence in her art and life work.  

Release of copyright announcement

Celeste Lecarozさんの投稿 2020年1月27日月曜日

Ipininta ni YouScooper Celeste Lecaroz ang painting na ito na itinatampok ang NBA superstar na si Kobe Bryant. Paraan…

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